About Us

About Us

Affiliated with manufacturing silk for over 80 years, kSrishti has carved a niche for itself in the silk industry. Manufacturers of pure silk yarn, all types of silk fabric like Dupioni, Taffeta, Indian Dupioni, Chiffon, Organza, Georgette, Crape, Satin etc.., that are used to produce luxurious silk drapes, sheer curtains, roman blinds and other silk products, our expertise has enabled us to fulfill the varied requirements of our customers worldwide.

A wide network of spinning mills & reeling units spread across India coupled with an adroit team of technicians enables us to manufacture flawless yarn. Another of our specialty products, silk fabrics are woven both in handlooms and power looms by indigenous craftsmen, which enables us to bring an ethnic feel and design to our fabrics, Our combination of required technique, technology and dexterity help us meet the exemplary standards set by our customers.

Fabric manufactured by our fabric section has over years established its caliber and is regularly exported by our agents to popular countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK all of Europe – France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, etc….) and other places all around the globe. With our specialized custom-making products like Pure Silk Fabric, Silk Drapes, Sheer Curtains, Silk Roman Blinds, Silk Cushion Covers, etc. We have won the confidence on many customers worldwide. We are proud to mention 85% of our customers come back to us with repeated orders. By understanding all specifications & requirements of our customers according to their distinctive needs, we provide them with word class customized products.

Also, we would like to mention with all the expertise also keeping the customer’s safety & satisfaction our top priority, we take full care of each details starting from our website and other e-commerce stores.

We have taken many baby steps to ensure full satisfaction and security of our customers, we the first online store to be affiliated with silk mark origination of India, even today we are the one and only website selling 100% pure silk products only.

Due to our long-standing association with silk & all past experience of online business, we would like to think that. We Know Silk Better & Understand our Customers even better.